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Full Body Massage Chair VF07


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Full Body Massage Chair VF07


Enjoy a break from a rushed day and fall once more into the delight of unwinding with Adore – Full Body Massage Chair from Robocura. Utilizing a robotic massage system and Silica Ball Rollers, Adore furnishes you with multi-edge agreeable massage with its excessively long SL outline covering from neck to thigh. A mix of 10 auto programs gives you the option to choose between massage according to your requirement for genuine satisfaction. Adore gives you alternatives of 6 different massage procedures – Shiatsu, Tapping, Knocking, Kneading, Clapping & Gua-Sha. Warm Heat Therapy alongside the massage gives relief from discomfort and mending benefits. With ‘Zero Gravity’, experience the most loosening up massage position known to people removing the weight of gravity from your spine. The all-inclusive leg massager can change according to the client’s tallness and is extendable up to 16 cms. Foot and calves massager kneads the feet and calves systematically to calm strain and improves flow. Alongside an extensive back rub meeting, Adore has Bluetooth speakers to loosen up your body and psyche totally.

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